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Bridgestone Guide 2011

Bridgestone Guide 2011

OOTB is one of the Irish restaurant archetypes, a place you dream of finding, the right space in exactly the right place.

The McKenna family are having an Easter lunch in Tim Mason's vital Dingle seafood restaurant, and after a glass or two of wine, and some stunning fish and shellfish, you almost feel like singing "Easter in Dingle/ this is a feeling/ no one can ever/ reprise", to the tune of "April in Paris". Ah, Easter in Dingle, what have you done to my heart? Or, more especially, what has Out Of The Blue done to my sensibilities?!

The answer to that is, in fact, quite simple. OOTB is an archetypal restaurant, the dream place you are hoping for as you drive towards Dingle that turns out to be real, all too real. It's shacky, simple and super, and the fish cookery is as fine as fish cookery can be - the signature pollock in a potato crust with chive cream; john dory with rosemary; sea bass with tapenade and lemon butter; poached lobster. Combine this with one of the best wine lists in the country, and you have a mighty, magical cocktail of delight. And don't worry: John McKenna didn't burst into song, so no family members or OOTB customers were injured in making this review.

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