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Bridgestone Guide 2010

Bridgestone Guide 2010

OOTB is one of the restaurant archetypes, a place you dream of finding, exactly the right place in exactly the right place.

"Fishy ideas and tastes". That's how Tim Mason describes the work of himself and his crack crew in OOTB. It's an apt phrase, for the cooking, whilst always succulent and delicious, does come across as considered, cerebral, well thought through. It's much the same with the way in which Tim and the team run the restaurant itself, revising opening times, coming up with new ways to keep everything fresh, such as their plans to do "long, lazy Sunday summer lunches".

The year may see a change of premises for the restaurant, but after a decade we can rest assured that what makes OOTB special - fantastic food, excellent service, and an insouciant humour that stops them taking themselves too seriously - will travel with them wherever they end up in town. With Jean-Marie Vaireaux heading the kitchen team, the treatment of the day's catch of fish and shellfish will be classical, considered, and deeply moreish: the funky kebab of monkfish with coriander butter; the belt-loosening lobster with cognac and cream. The wine list is superb.

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