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Bridgestone Guide 2009

Bridgestone Guide 2009

OOTB is one of this restaurant archetypes, a place you dream of finding as you approach lovely little Dingle.

Back in 2001, Tim Mason put together a crew in Out of the Blue,"with a mission to sell nothing but fresh fish and shellfish. It was a bit of a gam-ble, but it seems to be what seafood lovers want". And how! is the way in which that sentence should end, for OOTB has enjoyed thunderous success over the last eight years, sourcing and cooking that fish and shellfish to utter perfection.

Mr Mason and his team understand that the best in-gredients need only the right counterpointing notes to make them seem transcendent, and you find the kitchen here knows exactly how to do that: a lemon butter sauce and tapenade with sea bass, for instance, a simple trio of tastes that talk to the Gods, or cream and chives to bring out the sweetness and fleshiness of pollock, or cod with rosemary and thyme to emphasise its fresh-ness.This is smart, smart cooking, yet it always seems improvised rather than cooly contrived.Add in a great, commodious room - a real Dingle room - fab wines and keen prices, and OOTB is soo what seafood lovers want.

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