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Tim Mason

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Seafood only Restaurant
Purveyors of Fresh Fish & Shellfish
Seafood Delicatessen

Meat eaters need not apply:  Out Of The Blue is strictly for seafood lovers!

Everything depends upon the catch of the day and nothing but the best will do. If there’s no fish, the restaurant doesn’t open.

The menu, given on blackboards, changes every day offering a huge variety of whatever is available from the boats that morning. 

Anyone who is lucky enough to get a table in this small casual restaurant can expect seriously delicious seafood cookery.

"Tim Mason's harbour fish bar is some sort of bliss!" - The Bridgestone Guide
"This place is a little gem!" - Georgina Campbell's Ireland


Sadly, Out of the Blue has recently closed to observe the Corona Virus (Covid19) restrictions
We hope to be open again as soon as possible, and will post further information when we know more. Everyone, please be safe out there and look after yourselves, and we hope to see you all again sometime in the near future.

If anyone would like to purchase an OOTB Gift Voucher for 2020, please call or text a message to +353 (0)87 625 6674 and we will get back to you to facilitate a purchase for you.


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